Meet Iruka and Suki from upcoming serie Taiji Dolphins.

They’re both Pacific White sided Dolphins, I think you heard the cool Story.

Top: Iruka; meaning “Dolphin” as in Japanese.

Story: Iruka is the main character of the oceanic coast and he’s also a Pacific White-sided Dolphin. In early years, Iruka and his family were captured in the killing cove along with bottlenoses, Risso dolphins, and pilot whales, right in the heart of Taiji, he was taken away from his mother and his 4 pods for haling up to the sea pens, and while the others are been butchered. After his family were been separated, it was taken Iruka to Japanese amusement park in downtown Osaka after he was trained to be good preform for the show. 
While he was on the way to amusement park, it was a little girl who almost run over by a pick-up truck and drop-off of that crate and leave Iruka far behind, when the neighbors discovered inside crate was a helpless little dolphin, so they called animal rescue and took him to Azuma Aquarium in nearby Osaka city. As he was hand-raised and adapted by Azuma’s Dolphin Trainer “Ariel,” the one who saved his life after she’s discovered him as a little school girl and later to join Azuma Aquarium as she was 14 year old. And after that, they’ll soon realize these dolphins and especially Iruka are belonging to the oceans after they discovered the 3rd surviving family of his.

Note: He’s friend with 6 of them, and later to be team up and lead by Bottlenose Dolphin named Kyouto (A.K.A. Ky), to order to save dolphins and small whales from Taiji hunters.

 Like: Plays around with his ball, tickle on Ariel while she’s swim with him, friends with other dolphins, and swimming into the ocean as he dreams about.

Dislike: Performing some tricks, bullied by Beluga whales from next door tank, Loss family, deaths, Sakata the White-sided Dolphin, and Orko and his minions as hunters.

Friends: Suki (white sided dolphin), Rolf (rough toothed dolphin), Bonka or Bonkers (dall’s porpoise), Spinner or Spin (spinner dolphin) Mooki (false killer whale), Terence the Lobster.

Anime voice: Sean Michael Teague, the voice of Katsushiro Okamoto from Samurai 7.

Bottom: Suki; meaning “Chance” as in Japanese.

Story: Suki is a free-spirited Pacific White sided dolphin in the western pacific. She’s lived close to her mother, her father, and 7th pods of dolphins lived along with the side of the off coast, when they spotted by the hunters from small town of Taiji, she and her mother will stay close while her father and 7 dolphins will distract the hunters towards east in the pacific, so he could meet them to the far north, but they were wrong. Suki’s father was captured in the dead end cove along with 4 pods and 3 of them has been escaped and survived, and later told her mother about her father’s fate. In the following years after her father’s taken captive along with 4 of them, Suki is now growing up with her mom as she’s live along with her side, but in that time forward, she’s on her own. In two after leaving her mother and her only pods, she swim all along in coastline until she met a free-captive dolphin named Iruka after he’s released by rescuer team from Azuma Aquarium in nearby Osaka. When they said about 3 surviving dolphins that belongs to him, but he soon discover one of his lost pod was not it, than second he seem to be “shy” as he blushed when he met her as she’s cuter before. For now, she and Iruka will find his lost pods in the mid coast and found nothing by a mid-pod of Spotted Dolphins until they’re both captured by the Taiji dolphin hunters that took away her father from 14 years ago. She and Iruka, and rest of Spotted dolphins will held at the cove, and rest them was already slaughtered and butchered and 5 of them are placed in sea pen along with other species of dolphins forced by other dolphin trainer to tame them to performed before they’re ship off to marine parks when they’re on sale. But during that time, Iruka has suggest idea about to escape (easy).

Note: Suki’s soon to be love with Iruka, because he’s “cute” as long as she’s keep her mind him after he asking her about her problem.

Like: Swimming in the ocean with her mother, getting blushed by Iruka, hanged out with her friends, and her father.

Dislike: Performing some tricks, loss her father due to captured at the killing cove, deaths, Sakata the pacific white sided dolphin, and Orko and his minions as hunters.

Friends: Iruka (white sided dolphin), Rolf (rough toothed dolphin), Bonka or Bonkers (dall’s porpoise), Spinner or Spin (spinner dolphin), Mooki (false killer whale), Terence the Lobster.

Anime voice: Cherami Leigh, the voice of Asuna/Asuna Yuuki from Sword Art Online.

So here you have it.;)

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